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Explore the Longview Auto and Tire Website from Net Driven

Longview Auto and Tire is proud to introduce a brand new Website, powered by Net Driven.  The new site provides more advantages for the customer then ever before!  The Site has an entire Tire Catalog, Tire Size Finder, an Automotive Service Catalog, and all general information a customer would need before visiting the store.

Longview Auto and Tire not only offers a wide variety of products and services, but with a new Site, they bring even more benefits to the customer.  The Tire Size Finder is the ideal key to success for any person who is not familiar with tires.  This Finder generates an automatic tire choice list, by compiling the make, model, and year information that is required.  After comparing tires, the site allows the customer to click "Quote" which sends an e-mail to the customer with prices.  For Repair Needs, the Longview Auto and Tire Website has an entire catalog of Automotive Repair Services.  The Automotive Services page takes the customer advantage one step further, with the ability to schedule repairs.  Once the right service is found, simply click on the schedule service link, and add the two possible dates you can have your car available.  This option is very valuable to customers that can not make it to Longview Auto and Tire, because their car is non operational. 

About Net Driven:  Net Driven was founded in 2007, by an Automotive Expert who saw the need for an online service for Automotive Products and Service Dealers.  The Company has become very successful, because they use Search Engine Optimization, Unique Content, and an Automotive Database.  The Automotive Database allows the client to spend minimal time giving Net Driven needed information, because all possible information is already on a computer document.  The Search Engine Optimization and Unique Content are used together to maximize views and sales, by targeting key words and phrases that help improve search results on Search Engines like Google and Bing.  To contact Net Driven, Call (877) 860-2005, or visit www.netdriven.com.

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